Element53 (DNS tunnel for Android)

The reason this page is in English, is because most of Element53 users are not Dutch. About Element53, Element53 is a DNS tunnel for Android. Together with my neighbour Marcel Bokhorst I created this application. If you don’t what the possibilities are with a DNS I recommend you to read this article. The server is made in NodeJS and will run on almost every computer/server. Currently I am running this server at a VPS in New York, and it works pretty good.

Currently there are two versions of Element53 available in the Play Store:

Element53 Lite and Element53 Pro without any datalimit.

Frequently asked questions:

[Q] What is a proper configuration to get all the benefits of Element53?

[A] I use Proxydroid in combination with Element53, and it works like a charm. I am using this configuration in Proxydroid:

  1. Host: localhost
  2. Port: 3128
  3. Proxy type: SOCKS5

[Q] Can I run my own server?

[A] Yes you can, the server is open source and can be found at GitHub

[Q] Is it OpenSource?

[A] Yes all the sources can be found at GitHub

[Q] Does it really work?

[A] Yes it does, watch this on Youtube: Element53 – DNS Tunnel for Android (Demonstration)

If you have another question, feature request, tip or something else, don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment on this post.

One comment on “Element53 (DNS tunnel for Android)
  1. iqbal says:

    what another tunnel domain can i use besides t.nijhof.biz ?

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