Element53 (DNS tunnel for Android)

The reason this page is in English, is because most of Element53 users are not Dutch. About Element53, Element53 is a DNS tunnel for Android. Together with my neighbour Marcel Bokhorst I created this application. If you don’t what the possibilities are with a DNS I recommend you to read this article. The server is made in NodeJS and will run on almost every computer/server. Currently I am running this server at a VPS in New York, and it works pretty good.

Currently there are two versions of Element53 available in the Play Store:

Element53 Lite and Element53 Pro without any datalimit.

Frequently asked questions:

[Q] What is a proper configuration to get all the benefits of Element53?

[A] I use Proxydroid in combination with Element53, and it works like a charm. I am using this configuration in Proxydroid:

  1. Host: localhost
  2. Port: 3128
  3. Proxy type: SOCKS5

[Q] Can I run my own server?

[A] Yes you can, the server is open source and can be found at GitHub

[Q] Is it OpenSource?

[A] Yes all the sources can be found at GitHub

[Q] Does it really work?

[A] Yes it does, watch this on Youtube: Element53 – DNS Tunnel for Android (Demonstration)

If you have another question, feature request, tip or something else, don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment on this post.

4 comments on “Element53 (DNS tunnel for Android)
  1. iqbal says:

    what another tunnel domain can i use besides t.nijhof.biz ?

  2. NeoID says:


    Do you have any guides on how to setup a server on Ubuntu or similar?
    Does it need other ports other then 53 forwarded?

    Found this one: http://www.2dd.it/articoli/sicurezza-informatica/raspberry-install-element53-server/
    But whatever I do I get “Error: connect ECONNREFUSE” when following the guide and then trying to connect.

    • Sander says:


      Thanks for your comment. I am sorry to tell you that I don’t have a guide that explains how to install Element53 server on Ubuntu. But the cause of “Error:connect ECONNREFUSE” is probably because you are not running a proxy server. To get all the benefits of Element53 you must run a SOCKS5 proxy server. Via this server Element53 can contact the internet.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more help.


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