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OpenWrt: Dumb AP (Access Point)

Currently I am using my TP-Link WDR4300 as my router and it’s a pretty fast router and it has the possibility to install OpenWrt or DD-WRT on it. I prefer OpenWrt. What I want is to make my router a ‘Dumb AP (Access Point)’. There is a nice guide on the OpenWrt Wiki, it’s available here.

The only problem was it was not working very well, I could not connect to it anymore after I applied the settings (or I did something wrong). So, I did some research on the internet and after that research I came up with this configuration which is currently working very well.

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Crashed VPS

A few days ago I received a mail with information about my new VPS, which is weird because I didn’t asked for this. The reason for this message was my, at that moment current, VPS crashed. I lost a some data but I have been able to recover some of it. I still have to reconfigure my website, because I didn’t have a backup of my WordPress configuration. I hope this site will be 100% functional at the end of this week. If you have any questions; please leave a reply at this post. I will contact you asap.

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