Element53 is a ready-to-use DNS-tunnel for Android. It can be used for different things. If you don’t know what a DNS-tunnel can do, you can find it HERE (really, you should do this, I am sure you want this on your phone!) (first 2 chapters). So this application should be perfect if you are going abroad. Beside that it can also be used for penetration testing.

Element53 creates a TCP-tunnel to a SOCKS proxy server. The client side of the tunnel is localhost:3128. For your convenience the server part is provided.

If you have rooted your device (this is no requirement) you can install ProxyDroid and route all internet traffic into the tunnel. Since Android 4.0, root is not required to route all internet through the tunnel. If you are running Element53 on Android versions lower than 4.0 you need root access.

You have to configure ProxyDroid before you can use all the functions of Element53. You should apply the following settings:
Host should be:
port should be: 3128
Proxy type: SOCKS5

After that, you have to start Element53 by pressing the ‘green button’, after that you can start ProxyDroid. Because Element53 creates a DNS tunnel, the connection is not very fast, but it works fine.

Element53 Lite allows you to test until you have reached 10 mb traffic. If you like Element53, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

Element53 Lite: Element53 Lite at the Play Store
Element53 Pro: Element53 Pro at the Play Store

Element53 depends on a server, the server is written in NodeJS and can be installed on almost any kind of OS. For example; I am running the server on t.nijhof.biz on my Ubuntu VPS. Since my VPS is running in the USA and I am in Europe the connection is not very fast. To get a better performance you could run your own server. The server is available at GitHub. Technical knowledge is required to setup your own server. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to comment/contact me.

2 comments on “Element53
  1. atlaware says:

    first thanks for your good job with iodine :)
    I want to ask you if your server (t.nijhof.biz) is always up (it’s doesn’t work for me, android 5.1.1).

    And I want to ask you, in config.js (element53 server), what the parameters:
    server_ip: ‘localhost’,
    server_port: 1194,

    is releated to?


    • Sander says:


      The server is up and running. Maybe it has to do something with your firewall? The parameters are being used for the proxy server. You must run a proxy server to browse the internet via Element53.


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